Friday, 14 November 2014

ORLY Nail Polish

So I was wondering through the chemist the other night and picked up some ORLY nail polish.
I have been looking for a nail polish that isn't too plain but goes with most clothes / looks.
So I decided on these two pretty ones.
The glittery one on the left is rage which is a really pretty rose gold polish,
I'm wearing this at the moment and I just can't stop looking at it!
 It's a very unique polish in the fact that it's closer to rose gold than gold.
I love rose gold so I had to have it, and the fact that it will go with anything was a plus!

The next polish is a simple taupe shade called country club khaki which I think just looks really simple and classy as well as workable with any style of clothes.
I realize that these two colours are very similar, but I think I was just drawn to the shades because they are so simple, easy colours to wear!



What ORLY colours are your favourite?

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