Monday, 24 November 2014

Acne struggles!

I'm not sure why I decided to write a title like that, maybe because it's raining outside!?
I must admit I have been lazy with makeup for a long time. I know it's a bit on the strange side since this is a beauty blog but the reason for this is my acne.
For some reason sugar and junk food don't agree with me anymore - in the last year or so.
But since I have stopped eating all the bad stuff (3 days so far - I wonder how long I last), and after reading a very interesting book about the connection between diet and acne. 
I'm almost 100% sure that the spots on my face are related to diet.
I have have a healthy diet, but one chocolate bar or packet of chips and I'll wake up the next morning with multiple spots every time, even if I have them sometimes!
And I know what you're thinking... people wear makeup to hide their acne...that's what concealer's for right? Well for me, it just feels disgusting when I have painful spots coming up all over my face.
My skin is clearing up and I am going to commit to eating healthy from now on 
and since I've said it here, I can't really cheat can I?  
Anyway, that's the reason I'm not wearing makeup as much as I would like to which really sucks when you've got acne too, you develop a love-hate relationship with makeup! 
When I've got painful spots I just like to give my skin a breather and in reality, that's one of the
best things you can do for you skin!
If you're suffering with acne and you think it may be related to diet, or you haven't changed your diet and you think it may be another way to help, try Erica Angyal's books:

Gorgeous Skin for teens & Gorgeous Skin in 30 days.

I've definitely seen a difference!
I don't particularly want to upload a photo, but I will definitely make a blog post
sometime when my spots clear up.
If that guy on supersize me can eat McDonalds for 30 days in a row (ew) then I can eat healthy for 30 days.
I don't know if that makes sense but I think I know what I mean lol!
And I'm hoping that I will see a difference in my skin. 
I will get back to you in 27 days, (20th December) 
And see how everything goes.

Update: Tried, and failed miserably with this challenge! :(
And also discovered that a lot of my 'acne' isn't actually acne anymore, and just red marks or macules as they call them left over after they have healed.
I've read up about it and they say that good exfoliation works wonders at reducing the appearance of them. I am planning on buying a Clarisonic type brush.
Thanks for reading! 

Emily. x

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