Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Beauty & Fashion Wish List ♥

I'm always lusting over new makeup, skincare and a little bit of fashion too.
There's always something I want to try out that I've seen on a blog, YouTube channel or something that has caught my eye. I thought I'd share my wish list with you, I guess this could be my Christmas wish list, but I never really ask for anything at Christmas!
These are the things I will be getting my hands on in hopefully very soon!
I get so excited going to buy things when I've been thinking about buying it for a while or a day... ha


There's quite a few Lush products I've got my eye on at the moment which I am actually planning on buying as soon as I finish this blog post most likely.
These include:

Big Liquid Shampoo
I read a review about this on a blog a couple of weeks ago and I think it might just help out with my hair situation. My hair is quite thin, it has hardly any volume to it and will get weighed down with any products or styling you put in. So when I heard about what this shampoo does and read some reviews, I think I might just have to try it!
Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
 If you've read my last post about my skin, you'll know I have acne.
And through reading some blogs, I've come across a mask that I neeeeeed to get onto my skin now!
The Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask is made from fresh blueberries, calamine powder, Irish moss and almond oil to soothe, calm and reduce inflammation.
I need this, it sounds like it smells amazing, and might keep my angry spots under control!
Vanillary Perfume - 30ml Spritzer

The only reasons I want this is because I need a new perfume, I was on the Lush website, saw their new gorilla perfumes and fell in love with the packaging.
I probably need to go to the shop to test all these products because I find that I don't really know what I want until I smell the them. If it doesn't smell good, I won't buy it.
And obviously with perfume scent is the most important thing.
So I better go to lush instead of buy online.
Wish it was a little closer to me, it's like 40 mins away :/
I love the packaging though ♥
You can also get this in a 10ml spritzer and a solid perfume balm.


These products are soooo pretty. I just can't get over it.
Love love them and every time I see them I'm drawn to the marshmallow scented products.
 I'd really like to try out one of their candles and a body wash so
I'll definitely have to look around on their website a little more but I want these two for sure...

Little Luxuries Marshmallow Petite Candle
 Marshmallow Hand and Body Milk

I am in need of some new lip liners, I have got into the habit of not wearing lip liner, and it really does make a difference to the look of your lipstick. I've come across these Face of Australia mechanical liners. I've tried a few testers in store, and I'll be buying them in red and nude.


The balm have some really cute nail colours.
They're called Hot Ticket Nail Polish...
And they're the last beauty related things...

Lookbook and Hunted Dreams Boutique
I have fallen in love with these two beautiful pieces of clothing from and Hunted Dreams Boutique. The first one is by lookbookstore and I love this sooooo much. The fact that it's Spring in Australia and I am willing to buy this NOW shows how much I love it. It's just so unique, I love the frills. I love everything about it. Even if I have to wait like six months to wear it !
I'm going to get my hands on it somehow. They actually said on instagram that they 'might' be putting this on their website, but they have to! I don't know what I'm going to do if they don't. :(

And this one... this just looks adoreable.
I love the colours, and the flowers... yeah.
I think it speaks for itself. It's a beautiful piece.

What's on your beauty / fashion wish list?



Monday, 24 November 2014

Acne struggles!

I'm not sure why I decided to write a title like that, maybe because it's raining outside!?
I must admit I have been lazy with makeup for a long time. I know it's a bit on the strange side since this is a beauty blog but the reason for this is my acne.
For some reason sugar and junk food don't agree with me anymore - in the last year or so.
But since I have stopped eating all the bad stuff (3 days so far - I wonder how long I last), and after reading a very interesting book about the connection between diet and acne. 
I'm almost 100% sure that the spots on my face are related to diet.
I have have a healthy diet, but one chocolate bar or packet of chips and I'll wake up the next morning with multiple spots every time, even if I have them sometimes!
And I know what you're thinking... people wear makeup to hide their acne...that's what concealer's for right? Well for me, it just feels disgusting when I have painful spots coming up all over my face.
My skin is clearing up and I am going to commit to eating healthy from now on 
and since I've said it here, I can't really cheat can I?  
Anyway, that's the reason I'm not wearing makeup as much as I would like to which really sucks when you've got acne too, you develop a love-hate relationship with makeup! 
When I've got painful spots I just like to give my skin a breather and in reality, that's one of the
best things you can do for you skin!
If you're suffering with acne and you think it may be related to diet, or you haven't changed your diet and you think it may be another way to help, try Erica Angyal's books:

Gorgeous Skin for teens & Gorgeous Skin in 30 days.

I've definitely seen a difference!
I don't particularly want to upload a photo, but I will definitely make a blog post
sometime when my spots clear up.
If that guy on supersize me can eat McDonalds for 30 days in a row (ew) then I can eat healthy for 30 days.
I don't know if that makes sense but I think I know what I mean lol!
And I'm hoping that I will see a difference in my skin. 
I will get back to you in 27 days, (20th December) 
And see how everything goes.

Update: Tried, and failed miserably with this challenge! :(
And also discovered that a lot of my 'acne' isn't actually acne anymore, and just red marks or macules as they call them left over after they have healed.
I've read up about it and they say that good exfoliation works wonders at reducing the appearance of them. I am planning on buying a Clarisonic type brush.
Thanks for reading! 

Emily. x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Ugly Side of Beauty - Animal testing

Hey there.
I want to talk about animal testing today.
It's something that has always been on my mind, and something I always consider when buying cosmetics but I don't think I realized how many companies out there actually test, and even if they say they don't many of them actually lie.
I think animal testing of any kind is disgusting and shouldn't happen, but unfortunately  it does.
I wouldn't pay to see an animal die by any means - I am vegetarian after all, but animal testing happens and it happens frequently to make sure the products we use to get ready for a night out are safe for us.
I've recently decided not to support companies that currently test on animals because like I said I wouldn't pay money for any animals death even after receiving a pretty product at the end of it.
It's easy to forget about what really happens behind the scenes of the making of your makeup products and most of of us just buy it anyway not thinking about the products grim history.
Everyone has a choice in what makeup they use sure, no one can stop that but I found that because I didn't really know what was going on, I somehow didn't really acknowledge  it was going on if you get what I mean. It really annoys me more than anything that I can't wear that perfume or use that mascara because I know that the products have been tested on animals. 
There are so many cosmetics I wish I could use, but now refuse to because they test.
I'm glad that there are companies out there that are cruelty free and don't take part in animal testing, so these are the companies which will be getting my money from now on! :)
Companies such as The Body Shop, Urban Decay, Burts Bees and more recently NYX who are cruelty free are all owned by companies that test on animals themselves, so buying the products means your money goes towards animal testing anyway.
L'Oreal is one of the biggest offenders, so I stay way clear of them.
Sometimes I have make mistakes as it is quite difficult to know if a company is truly cruelty free so if you want to go cruelty free, make sure you research the company before you buy.
All companies argue that they don't support animal testing and they do their best to prevent it, but in circumstances when they are obligated by law to test, they will.
Thanks for reading, I think it's an important issue to discuss. 
What are your thoughts on the matter?


Visit for more information on animal testing and 
which companies are cruelty free.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Favourite internet gurus!

I am so incredibly grateful that I grew up surfing the internet. It's something I just love doing. There's so much information on whatever topic you may be interested in, and can be a great way to relax after a long day, or something to do when there's nothing else to do! I may not be involved in everything social media wise. To be honest I don't even really use facebook that much anymore! YouTube, Instagram and Bloglovin are some of my favourite websites on the internet these days and 
I'd like to share some of my favourite internet gurus, some old and some new!
I do have a very unique taste, and alot of them are very well known. 
I tend to 'consume' a lot of inspirational content as well as beauty / random loves.
I'll give a little description on those that aren't as well heard of.


Lauren Curtis 

Infinite Waters (Diving deep)
- This man has pretty much changed my life and he doesn't even know it!
If you need some inspiration in your life, you definitely need to have a look at his channel.
Incredibly inspiring.

Kute Blackson 
- Kute blackson is another incredible channel for inspiration and life advice.


 - Hilarious cheap toy / random buy reviews. 
I watch this with my boyfriend, and we absolutely love it. 


Crime documentaries
- I just can't stop watching these, even though they scare the absolute crap out of me.
I have unhealthy obsession for these.


- Daily inspiration.


Shrinking wallet
- As she describes herself:
a 20 something year old beauty lover who does not have any concept of the word "budget". 
 - Positive quotes

 - Fitzroy Island Queensland is one of the most beautiful places I've been,
One of the best ways to see the Great Barrier Reef up close.

 - Boutique 

- Amazing nail creations.
 - Beautiful trends to rent
- The coolest dog on instagam! 



Saturday, 15 November 2014

Think Positive

I want to share some positive thinking tips today, as I have a few tips which are helping me to keep positive at the moment. Everyone faces challenges in their life and sometimes it gets all a bit much.
 Here's a few things I do to keep a smile on my face.

- Show gratitude for all that you can -
Gratitude can do incredible things for your happiness if you practice it on a daily basis.
Everyone has something to be grateful for no matter what, and if you're in a low place it can really brighten up your day to be able to acknowledge what's going right in your life instead of focusing all your attention on what isn't.

- Affirmations do the world of good -
Belief is everything, and if you don't believe in anything but your full potential then you need to change something. Change the way you talk to yourself and you will change your whole world.
Life is way too short to put yourself down and feel sorry for yourself.
You're a champion.

- Live like every day is your last -
Lately I have been making the decision to have the best day possible, to live every moment to the full because the harsh reality is that no one really knows when their time will be up.
Do what you love everyday, go and do that thing that you've always wanted to do in life.
Spend quality time with your friends and family and stop waiting for the perfect moment to start living your dreams.

Nickleback may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I found this song really inspirational.
I listen to it everyday, and realize that... like he says, time is never on our side...

I hope that I may help someone out there who's reading, I think it's a really important subject that I felt inspired to write about today.

Emily. x

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Friday, 14 November 2014

ORLY Nail Polish

So I was wondering through the chemist the other night and picked up some ORLY nail polish.
I have been looking for a nail polish that isn't too plain but goes with most clothes / looks.
So I decided on these two pretty ones.
The glittery one on the left is rage which is a really pretty rose gold polish,
I'm wearing this at the moment and I just can't stop looking at it!
 It's a very unique polish in the fact that it's closer to rose gold than gold.
I love rose gold so I had to have it, and the fact that it will go with anything was a plus!

The next polish is a simple taupe shade called country club khaki which I think just looks really simple and classy as well as workable with any style of clothes.
I realize that these two colours are very similar, but I think I was just drawn to the shades because they are so simple, easy colours to wear!



What ORLY colours are your favourite?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Grown Alchemist & Coconut Revolution | Skin care ♥

Grown alchemist - Coconut Revolution - Skincare1

Hello there ♥

I'm back to share a few favourite skincare products
 by two brands which I just happened to stumble upon, thanks goodness!
Grown Alchemist & Coconut Revolution.
It's the first time I've tried both of these brands and I can truly say I am in love.
What I like most about these products are their scent and feeling on the skin.
 Grown Alchemist Firming Tetra-Peptide & Centella Eye Cream
The product on the left is the Grown Alchemist Firming Tetra-Peptide & Centella Eye Cream
which I picked up on SALE last year for $12.50 reduced from $59.95 because they were changing their packaging to a bottle.
Despite buying it just because of the price, I am loving everything about this eye cream.
I love the original packaging, and it's definitely a shame they changed it.
It has a beautiful floral scent, is light on the skin and hydrates the eyes perfectly.
The cream claims to help restore the loss of firmness and elasticity around the eye, target expression lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and provides below surface hydration.
 I probably wouldn't spend that much to buy it again, but it's a really nice product which I recommend anyone looking for a good eye cream.
There is still a bit in the tube, and if it looks like I've squeezed out every last drop,
it's because I have enjoyed using it that much!

Grown alchemist - Coconut Revolution - Skincare2

Coconut Revolution Original Body Lotion
In one of the first blog posts I did, I wrote about going to the Beautiful You Beauty Health and Fitness Expo in Melbourne.
The lotion was a sample in a goodie bag I received, and I'm so glad I did!
There's no doubt in my mind that everyone who received the goodie bag went and ordered this lotion.
It is has the most beautiful scent in the world and I just want to slather it all over my body.
It is incredible.
It smells like coconuts - obviously and it's really nice and moisturizing,
I've been keeping this in my handbag and using it as hand cream, I just can't stop smelling it!
Coconut Revolution have products for skin, body, hair and inner health.
I also use the coconut revolution coconut oil as a body moisturizer and recommend that too.
Overall, I am very impressed with these products and wish to buy more from these brands.
Grown alchemist - Coconut Revolution - Skincare3

Have you tried Grown Alchemist or Coconut Revolution?

Emily. x

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Monday, 10 November 2014

How long does my makeup really last?

 Makeup doesn't last forever, and there comes a time where we have to part with it as it maybe doing more harm then good for our health and skin.
Makeup can become a breeding ground for bacteria so replacing it frequently is very important to ensure that you don't get a nasty eye infection or break out.
A lot of women don't know that a mascara lasts less than 6 months, let alone the life of other makeup products so I thought it would be good to give some advice that I've learnt over time and clear everything up!

I did some research to find out what others have to say on expiration dates for makeup and skincare, and a lot of the answers were different, so always check the packaging for the specifics and as it can be difficult to determine how long you've had a product, write the date on it with a permanent marker so you know.

As you can see on this moisturizer, it shows a little tub with an opening lid and a 6M on it.
This means that the product's life should expire within 6 months.
If the product doesn't have this on it, look for another date indicator or use the tips below to determine whether it's ready to bin or not!

I found it difficult to remember how long I had my makeup, and recently I heard someone on YouTube putting the month and year somewhere on her products so I started doing that too!
That way you know exactly how long you've had it!
I think it's a brilliant idea ♥



Mascara has one of the shortest use by dates as it is very easy for bacteria to grow inside.
Never pump the mascara as it will cause air to get in and spoil it.
Like most makeup don't share it unless you use a disposable wand each time.
A mascara is recommended to last 2 - 6 months,
it seems like there is different opinions on this,
so whatever you choose to go by, the maximum is 6 months!
If it's getting dry or starts to smell, bin it!

Eye pencil / Lip liner
Like mascara, an eye pencil is introduced to bacteria around the eye.
Always sharpen an eye pencil before each use and you can expect it to last up to 3 years.
The same goes for a lip liner. Sharpen and bin after 3 years.

Lipstick will last up to 3 years,
keep it in the fridge to extend it's life.
Don't share to prevent infection.
Don't use when ill / have an active cold sore.

Lip gloss
Lip gloss will last 18 - 24 months.
Follow same tips as lipstick.

Foundation will last 12 - 18 months,
make sure you don't stick your fingers / brush into the bottle as this can introduce bacteria,
spoiling the makeup.

Expect concealer to last up to 12 months.
Follow the same tips for foundation.

Liquid Eye shadow
Liquid eye shadow will last up to 12 months.

Powder Eye shadow
Powder doesn't grow bacteria as fast as liquid so can be kept up to 3 years.

Nail Polish
12 months depending on quality of product.

Powder - 2 years
Cream blushes & bronzers - 1 year
Powder blushes & bronzers - 2 years

Skin care:

Cleanser - 1 year
Toner, Moisturizer, Eye cream & Exfoliant - 6 - 12 months

Lip balm

Don't share.
 & do not use directly from the stick
while you have an active cold sore.

If you aren't too sure how long you've had a product, check the consistency, smell and try to think back to a distant memory you have of using it.
If in doubt I say just bin it!
I hope you learnt some new things from this post.
How long do you usually keep your makeup?

Emily Jane.



Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cup weekend in Bright


I have been meaning to write this blog post for the whole weekend!
I was going to work on it while I was away so I wouldn't have so much to do in one go, but I either didn't think of it or didn't really have time because I was too busy doing things!
It really would've been a good idea as sometimes a blog post takes a good few hours for me,
 I don't know if that's normal or I am abnormally slow haha.
I haven't had a chance since I got back either.... a four hour drive later and work last night... followed by more work today haha, I've suddenly realized that blogging is a very time consuming hobby!
But I will fit this in as I want to get this done now and not leave it any longer..
I want to make regular posts, because I am really enjoying blogging and look forward to making new posts.

So last minute last week I was craving a holiday, and if there is a fact you need to know about me it's that I love travel and exploring new places. I kid you not, I dream about going away almost every single night! But I don't have all the money in the world, so my holidays are limited to trips within Australia.
I would love to go overseas, and have been thinking about going to new zealand lately, but I don't know when that will happen.
Any kind of adventure is exciting for me so it really doesn't matter if it's in the same state, as long as theres things to do, I like the place or have never been there before i'll be there.
There are so many places in Australia that I've never heard of or been to, and there are so many that I've discovered that I will visit over and over again.
There are thousands of holidays out there that don't cost my whole bank balance and I am very thankful for that haha!
I have however been to Bright once before, and people visit Bright from all over VIC and NSW, it's a very popular and very beautiful country town.
I know this is a beauty related blog, but I just love travel so this space wouldn't be truly mine if I left it out.

On Saturday 1st of November me and my boyfriend Ryan set off for Bright which is a 4 and a bit hour drive from where we live. It was raining, pretty hard all day but we were still excited !
We stopped at a market along the way and then we continued into bright stopping at the annual Bright Oktoberfest. (the highlight for my boyfriend Ryan)
Pitty it was bucketing down rain!
We heard there was going to be a grand fireworks display that night at 9pm too, so we decided to go to that... annnd it was amazing!
 I've never seen fireworks before either so that was a good first time!

We did however get a change of weather the following days of the weekend which was great.
Day 2 we visited the Wandiligong Maze and Mini golf park which was a lot of fun.
This is Australias biggest hedge maze, and to Ryan's surprise
I found the way out of the maze and beat him at mini golf which he wasn't too happy about lol.
We spent the rest of the day at Oktoberfest out in the sunshine this time just relaxing while we had our Subway lunch.
We walked around town and came across a new cinema that had just opened so we agreed to go check it out! It's probably the most unique cinema I've ever seen!
We had a look inside and it turns out is a gold class style setup with couches and today was their opening day with a $10 ticket special, so we booked our session for 9pm to see what we do in the shadows, a comedy film which we loved !



Day three wasn't as well planned out and we weren't sure what to do with our day.
We had breakfast and headed out to another market in town, which took an hour or two, but then we weren't sure where to go from there. We visited the Alpine information centre and narrowed everything down to a restaurant called Red Stag where you can feed baby goats, ostriches and stags!  That was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it there, and recommend it to anyone visiting bright or surrounding suburbs!
We had lunch outside on a balcony which had incredible views of the mountains and countryside.
I've got a few photos to show you, but the photos don't do the real thing justice!




So yeah there you go, the last day wasn't that exciting, just the long drive back to reality haha!
I know I've rambled a bit in this post, I tried to keep it to the point, :)

Thanks for reading .


Emily. xo