Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Ugly Side of Beauty - Animal testing

Hey there.
I want to talk about animal testing today.
It's something that has always been on my mind, and something I always consider when buying cosmetics but I don't think I realized how many companies out there actually test, and even if they say they don't many of them actually lie.
I think animal testing of any kind is disgusting and shouldn't happen, but unfortunately  it does.
I wouldn't pay to see an animal die by any means - I am vegetarian after all, but animal testing happens and it happens frequently to make sure the products we use to get ready for a night out are safe for us.
I've recently decided not to support companies that currently test on animals because like I said I wouldn't pay money for any animals death even after receiving a pretty product at the end of it.
It's easy to forget about what really happens behind the scenes of the making of your makeup products and most of of us just buy it anyway not thinking about the products grim history.
Everyone has a choice in what makeup they use sure, no one can stop that but I found that because I didn't really know what was going on, I somehow didn't really acknowledge  it was going on if you get what I mean. It really annoys me more than anything that I can't wear that perfume or use that mascara because I know that the products have been tested on animals. 
There are so many cosmetics I wish I could use, but now refuse to because they test.
I'm glad that there are companies out there that are cruelty free and don't take part in animal testing, so these are the companies which will be getting my money from now on! :)
Companies such as The Body Shop, Urban Decay, Burts Bees and more recently NYX who are cruelty free are all owned by companies that test on animals themselves, so buying the products means your money goes towards animal testing anyway.
L'Oreal is one of the biggest offenders, so I stay way clear of them.
Sometimes I have make mistakes as it is quite difficult to know if a company is truly cruelty free so if you want to go cruelty free, make sure you research the company before you buy.
All companies argue that they don't support animal testing and they do their best to prevent it, but in circumstances when they are obligated by law to test, they will.
Thanks for reading, I think it's an important issue to discuss. 
What are your thoughts on the matter?


Visit for more information on animal testing and 
which companies are cruelty free.

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