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How long does my makeup really last?

 Makeup doesn't last forever, and there comes a time where we have to part with it as it maybe doing more harm then good for our health and skin.
Makeup can become a breeding ground for bacteria so replacing it frequently is very important to ensure that you don't get a nasty eye infection or break out.
A lot of women don't know that a mascara lasts less than 6 months, let alone the life of other makeup products so I thought it would be good to give some advice that I've learnt over time and clear everything up!

I did some research to find out what others have to say on expiration dates for makeup and skincare, and a lot of the answers were different, so always check the packaging for the specifics and as it can be difficult to determine how long you've had a product, write the date on it with a permanent marker so you know.

As you can see on this moisturizer, it shows a little tub with an opening lid and a 6M on it.
This means that the product's life should expire within 6 months.
If the product doesn't have this on it, look for another date indicator or use the tips below to determine whether it's ready to bin or not!

I found it difficult to remember how long I had my makeup, and recently I heard someone on YouTube putting the month and year somewhere on her products so I started doing that too!
That way you know exactly how long you've had it!
I think it's a brilliant idea ♥



Mascara has one of the shortest use by dates as it is very easy for bacteria to grow inside.
Never pump the mascara as it will cause air to get in and spoil it.
Like most makeup don't share it unless you use a disposable wand each time.
A mascara is recommended to last 2 - 6 months,
it seems like there is different opinions on this,
so whatever you choose to go by, the maximum is 6 months!
If it's getting dry or starts to smell, bin it!

Eye pencil / Lip liner
Like mascara, an eye pencil is introduced to bacteria around the eye.
Always sharpen an eye pencil before each use and you can expect it to last up to 3 years.
The same goes for a lip liner. Sharpen and bin after 3 years.

Lipstick will last up to 3 years,
keep it in the fridge to extend it's life.
Don't share to prevent infection.
Don't use when ill / have an active cold sore.

Lip gloss
Lip gloss will last 18 - 24 months.
Follow same tips as lipstick.

Foundation will last 12 - 18 months,
make sure you don't stick your fingers / brush into the bottle as this can introduce bacteria,
spoiling the makeup.

Expect concealer to last up to 12 months.
Follow the same tips for foundation.

Liquid Eye shadow
Liquid eye shadow will last up to 12 months.

Powder Eye shadow
Powder doesn't grow bacteria as fast as liquid so can be kept up to 3 years.

Nail Polish
12 months depending on quality of product.

Powder - 2 years
Cream blushes & bronzers - 1 year
Powder blushes & bronzers - 2 years

Skin care:

Cleanser - 1 year
Toner, Moisturizer, Eye cream & Exfoliant - 6 - 12 months

Lip balm

Don't share.
 & do not use directly from the stick
while you have an active cold sore.

If you aren't too sure how long you've had a product, check the consistency, smell and try to think back to a distant memory you have of using it.
If in doubt I say just bin it!
I hope you learnt some new things from this post.
How long do you usually keep your makeup?

Emily Jane.



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