Thursday, 30 October 2014

E.L.F Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara review


E.L.F Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara-1

I have a new favorite beauty product which I have been reaching for everyday this month!
It's the E.L.F Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara! 
I absolutely loooove this product.
I've never used an eyebrow gel before and this thing is amazing at keeping my brows in place!
It's incredibly easy to use, and doesn't go hard or feel gross after it's dried which is a huge plus.
I use the brow gel a lot more than the lash mascara, but if I'm going without mascara for the day or want to keep my lashes where they are I'll use that too.
E.L.F Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara-2

All eyebrows move around during the day and go in all directions so it's really nice to have something that will keep your eyebrows how you want them.
You can keep this with you during the day and reapply when desired if a few hairs seem to move around out of place.

The only cons to this product is that if you use it everyday as I do, it runs out quite quickly.
It will probably last you a month to two months if you're lucky.
I've had it for a month and as you can see by the photos it has run out quite a bit.
And depending on what side you prefer, you will be left with one side being used up more quickly than the other!
but for $3.00, you really can't complain!

Other than that, I love it so much it's a great product at an amazing price and
I will definitely repurchase this over and over again.
 I think this product is a must have essential that every girl should have in their makeup bag.

You can buy it online at
I got mine from Kmart
for $3.00 AU

Thanks for reading!


Emily. xo



Saturday, 25 October 2014

Perfect brows for beginners

Perfect brows for beginners
Beautiful eyebrows, they're something we all strive for. They frame the face and balance out our facial features, so therefore it is very important to keep them tame. These days we are bombarded with a large variety of brow products designed for coloring and setting them in place, to keeping unruly hairs under control. From professional brow services, to DIY kits, there is something to suit everyone's needs to turn the fluff above our eyes into the exquisite facial features they are. In this article I explore the different types of brow grooming, some pros and cons and some handy tips and tricks which will ensure you will always have a beautiful brow!

Makeup plays a huge role in keeping your brows looking their best. There are so many different makeup products out there from pencils to gels which will help you achieve your desired look. Whether your brows are sparse, over plucked or non existant as it may seem, a good pencil, wax and/or powder will create the thicker fuller brows you've been dreaming of.

A good pencil is one that glides on without difficulty, blends well and is one or two shades lighter in colour than the hair of the brow. This keeps it looking natural, as there is nothing worse than way-too-dark-for-your-face catepillar eyebrows! This goes for any product you put on your brows, make sure the colour is within the 1 to 2 shades lighter rule. Pigmented wax may be easier if the pencil isn't your thing. Wax is a lot easier to blend out, unlike a pencil which can sometimes feel like you're drawing on your brows. Brow kits can also consist of a setting powder which keeps the wax under control and adding that final touch.
To keep your eyebrows in place you can use an eyebrow gel which will act as a glue to keep their shape and stop them from moving around during the day!

As for maintaining the hair, you also have quite a few options. If you are just starting out or don't really know what you're doing, It's recommended to see a professional beauty therapist! You want to stay away from the wax and the tweezers if you're a beginner. I can not stress this enough, you need to be extremely careful with your eyebrows because if you mess them up, they may never grow back the same.
Do your research - Look at websites, books or talk to someone who knows what they're doing and maybe even ask them to assist you in maintaining your brows, but never go alone on this unless you know what you're doing!

Waxing & Threading
As I said previously, always get waxing done by a professional until you study everything brows. Taking too much hair off and possibly the whole brow is very possible when you start waxing DIY.
A professional beauty therapist will shape your brows how you like them.
The shape will be easier to work with when those extra hairs start to grow, and you will have a better idea of what to touch and what you shouldn't with the tweezers if you decide you want to start doing your own. Make sure you keep the same beauty therapist if you're happy with them of course and keep up appointments until you feel confident to start on your own... Or continue appointments if you're not.
Waxing is recommended every 2- 4 weeks or when hair starts to grow back, it is quicker and more effective than tweezing.

Threading is similar to waxing as it provides more precise control over shaping the eyebrows than waxing. Again threading is offered as a professional service but it is a lot more gentle on the skin compared to waxing.

Incorrect tweezing is extremely common as women fail to plan their shape. Planning is very important because if theres no plan, it's easy to start over tweezing and removing too many hairs. The first step before tweezing or waxing for that matter if you are doing it at home is to plan.
a) Using a ruler, pencil or makeup brush, put it in line with the bottom corner of the nose and the inside corner of the eye. This is where your eyebrow should start. Any hairs on the other side of the stick can be removed. Only use these guidelines if your nose lines up with the inside of your eye. If it doesn't than this may be inappropriate, in this case line it up without such a steep angle.
b) Look straight ahead and line up your tool of choice with the outer edge of the iris (coloured part of the eye) - This is where the highest point of your arch should be.
c) Finally line up the bottom corner of the nose with the outer corner of the eye, this is where your eyebrow should end, and any hairs beyond this point should be removed.

Whatever you choose to play around with, take time doing your brows.
An hour or so is perfect. Don't rush as they can take a while to get the hang of, and if you feel like it's all gone wrong, stop straight away and see a beauty therapist!
Be patient, read as much as you can and have fun!


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Thursday, 23 October 2014



So I had a friends 21st last weekend, and I thought I would share what I wore on the blog.
It was such a good night, so much fun and the venue was perfect!
I've only been to a handful of 21st's and they are just so lovely.
All the kind words, the baby photos, ha, some more embarrassing than others, and the heartfelt speeches from friends and family! ♥
 There was a photo booth and a great photographer there on the night which was awesome too!
I decided on a black dress with diamante detailing around the sleeves from White Closet, a pair of  black heels by Zoe Wittner, my Citizen watch, and some simple bracelets from Equip. I wore my hair in a messy fish tail braid and kept my makeup fairly minimal. 

Unfortunately I haven't got all the photos from the night, so I will upload the ones I have and then when I get them I'll put them up!
My friend's getting a CD from the photographer in the mail.
* Edit: I have put one new photo up of me and my boyfriend Ryan *
Foundation: Inika
Powder: Ere Perez
Lipgloss: Napoleon Perdis Baby Lips Lip Lacquer
Mascara: Australis
you get the idea, haha very simple!
was in a rush to get ready!
Haha I am aware the hair is still pretty messy!
I was in the process of finishing it.
that's sounds about right, take a photo before you're finished Emily, good job haha!
I obviously pinned back the stringy bits and I sprayed the whole braid with hairspray after I took this photo lol!

Annnnd here are the photo booth / party photos ... ♥

So there you go...  ♥

As usual you can find me on YouTube, I post weekly beauty / fashion life related videos on there.
I also have instagram and bloglovin ! :).

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

New hairstyle!

You know when you go to the hairdresser and you feel like they did a good job,
and then you get home, realize something's annoying about it but you just can't make up your mind whether you 100% like it or not.
 Haha well I went to the hairdresser the other day and that's exactly what happened.
I've been growing my hair out for a while now as I wanted some length before I styled it.
My hair is quite thin and it was all one length, so I thought I'd get some layers.

I love the look of the layers and the length but I feel like the hairdresser took away the bulk of my hair. I seriously feel like I have hardly any hair left on my head!
I can still put it in a ponytail but it doesn't feel as secure anymore, it's hard to explain but
there you go!
Anyway, I love the style so I knew I'd have to share it on here !
But yeah, have any of you had the same kind of problem?
I don't think I've ever felt like my hair has been this thin, ever.
 Luckily it's not permanent and it will eventually grow back :)!


Monday, 6 October 2014

Now what?

Now what ... ?

It's the question I now ask myself after I discovered I didn't want to be a beauty therapist.
It's never something I thought I'd say as I started my diploma of beauty therapy back in July 2012.
Nor is it something I wanted to accept as I progressed my way through beauty school.
I love beauty. I really do, and probably always will. It's why I am writing this blog, making YouTube videos, and taking photos of my latest beauty related purchase on Insta.
So why?
I studied beauty therapy for 18 months at a prestigious school in Melbourne.
During my time there I had some of the most incredible experiences I will never forget.
 A spa tour to far north Queensland, beauty expos in Melbourne and Sydney, and even a world tour to Dubai the UK and Paris.
I asked myself multiple times what the heck was going on, what was wrong with me? was something telling me not to go down this path... or was I just struggling to learn?
And then I suddenly realized it was all too much.
This whole thing was all too much.
It's not what I wanted.

I'll tell anyone thinking about beauty school to go for it, I have no regrets as I have learnt so much. but trust me it's not all pretty and perfect.
You need to know your stuff, and if you don't, don't think you can just 'wing' it.
Science is the main subject you need to know back to front.
How the skin works, bodily functions, nutrition, chemistry.
It was a love-hate thing for me.
Don't get me wrong, this isn't why I didn't enjoy it,
it doesn't mean I don't work hard or don't like a challenge. It just lost it's meaning for me.
It wasn't the reason I started, which was because I had a passion and genuinely loved beauty.
It was becoming a day to day drudgery.
I realized that beauty was my hobby, not a full time job.

I remember getting so tired during client consultations, so nervous as there was so much to remember and so annoyed at the same time because this was meant to be my 'calling' ?
Am I the only girl who doesn't want to be here? I thought to myself.
Why am I the only one left in facials class every Friday because I am so slow to do my facial?
It will get better Emily, you're just learning ... I told myself on daily basis.
Makeup and beauty was always something I explored in my spare time, watching YouTube videos and buying makeup when I could afford to. Getting interested in skincare and body care, and just looking forward to experimenting with it. That's what I wanted, to do my own thing, to experiment, To play.

And now looking back that's what I see, a passion which I can explore and have fun with.
I do spray tans on my friends, and maybe one day that may turn into a business, but working in a spa with a million duties and a gazillion things running through my head is not what I envisioned.
I am so grateful that I have found spray tanning, my blog and YouTube channel as a way of experimenting with this hobby of mine, and as I am still very unsure of what my purpose in life is, I know something will work out eventually.
But for now I work at a supermarket by day and blog by night, it's not where I ever thought I'd be,
but I am happy, and that's the main thing.
Sometimes life doesn't go the way we expect.

If any of you out there are struggling with finding what it is you want to do, don't give up.
You'll find something someday, and as long as you're working, making money and happy with what you do, that's all that matters!

I've learnt that you need to do what works for you, trust your gut instincts, and if something doesn't feel right, don't force it.
It probably isn't meant to be.

Love Emily.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My new watch! :)

Hey there!
Just thought I'd make a post about one of my favorite pieces of jewellery that I now own! :D
Yep that's right I paid off this watch over quite a few months, and today is my last payment! It was expensive for me, but I really don't regret it, it's so nice, and I loooooooove it.
This is the Citizen Eco-Drive
Chronograph Diamond Watch in Rose Gold.

RRP $799 AU

Because this watch is so beautiful, I take crazy good care of it which you should do with any of your jewellery if you want it to last obviously. I use a jewellery cloth to polish it and store it in it's original box. I don't wear it everyday either because I feel like it's just too nice to wear on a normal day, so it's being treated well haha!
Love love love the color. The clock face is mother of pearl and 28 diamonds surround the outside.
it's a beautiful watch, I'm glad it's finally mine and hopefully it lasts me for many more years to come !
Hope you all have a good day or night, wherever you are.
Check out my YouTube channel :
and I will talk to you soon!

Emily. xo