Thursday, 2 October 2014

My new watch! :)

Hey there!
Just thought I'd make a post about one of my favorite pieces of jewellery that I now own! :D
Yep that's right I paid off this watch over quite a few months, and today is my last payment! It was expensive for me, but I really don't regret it, it's so nice, and I loooooooove it.
This is the Citizen Eco-Drive
Chronograph Diamond Watch in Rose Gold.

RRP $799 AU

Because this watch is so beautiful, I take crazy good care of it which you should do with any of your jewellery if you want it to last obviously. I use a jewellery cloth to polish it and store it in it's original box. I don't wear it everyday either because I feel like it's just too nice to wear on a normal day, so it's being treated well haha!
Love love love the color. The clock face is mother of pearl and 28 diamonds surround the outside.
it's a beautiful watch, I'm glad it's finally mine and hopefully it lasts me for many more years to come !
Hope you all have a good day or night, wherever you are.
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and I will talk to you soon!

Emily. xo



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