Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Beauty & Fashion Wish List ♥

I'm always lusting over new makeup, skincare and a little bit of fashion too.
There's always something I want to try out that I've seen on a blog, YouTube channel or something that has caught my eye. I thought I'd share my wish list with you, I guess this could be my Christmas wish list, but I never really ask for anything at Christmas!
These are the things I will be getting my hands on in hopefully very soon!
I get so excited going to buy things when I've been thinking about buying it for a while or a day... ha


There's quite a few Lush products I've got my eye on at the moment which I am actually planning on buying as soon as I finish this blog post most likely.
These include:

Big Liquid Shampoo
I read a review about this on a blog a couple of weeks ago and I think it might just help out with my hair situation. My hair is quite thin, it has hardly any volume to it and will get weighed down with any products or styling you put in. So when I heard about what this shampoo does and read some reviews, I think I might just have to try it!
Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
 If you've read my last post about my skin, you'll know I have acne.
And through reading some blogs, I've come across a mask that I neeeeeed to get onto my skin now!
The Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask is made from fresh blueberries, calamine powder, Irish moss and almond oil to soothe, calm and reduce inflammation.
I need this, it sounds like it smells amazing, and might keep my angry spots under control!
Vanillary Perfume - 30ml Spritzer

The only reasons I want this is because I need a new perfume, I was on the Lush website, saw their new gorilla perfumes and fell in love with the packaging.
I probably need to go to the shop to test all these products because I find that I don't really know what I want until I smell the them. If it doesn't smell good, I won't buy it.
And obviously with perfume scent is the most important thing.
So I better go to lush instead of buy online.
Wish it was a little closer to me, it's like 40 mins away :/
I love the packaging though ♥
You can also get this in a 10ml spritzer and a solid perfume balm.


These products are soooo pretty. I just can't get over it.
Love love them and every time I see them I'm drawn to the marshmallow scented products.
 I'd really like to try out one of their candles and a body wash so
I'll definitely have to look around on their website a little more but I want these two for sure...

Little Luxuries Marshmallow Petite Candle
 Marshmallow Hand and Body Milk

I am in need of some new lip liners, I have got into the habit of not wearing lip liner, and it really does make a difference to the look of your lipstick. I've come across these Face of Australia mechanical liners. I've tried a few testers in store, and I'll be buying them in red and nude.


The balm have some really cute nail colours.
They're called Hot Ticket Nail Polish...
And they're the last beauty related things...

Lookbook and Hunted Dreams Boutique
I have fallen in love with these two beautiful pieces of clothing from and Hunted Dreams Boutique. The first one is by lookbookstore and I love this sooooo much. The fact that it's Spring in Australia and I am willing to buy this NOW shows how much I love it. It's just so unique, I love the frills. I love everything about it. Even if I have to wait like six months to wear it !
I'm going to get my hands on it somehow. They actually said on instagram that they 'might' be putting this on their website, but they have to! I don't know what I'm going to do if they don't. :(

And this one... this just looks adoreable.
I love the colours, and the flowers... yeah.
I think it speaks for itself. It's a beautiful piece.

What's on your beauty / fashion wish list?



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