Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cup weekend in Bright


I have been meaning to write this blog post for the whole weekend!
I was going to work on it while I was away so I wouldn't have so much to do in one go, but I either didn't think of it or didn't really have time because I was too busy doing things!
It really would've been a good idea as sometimes a blog post takes a good few hours for me,
 I don't know if that's normal or I am abnormally slow haha.
I haven't had a chance since I got back either.... a four hour drive later and work last night... followed by more work today haha, I've suddenly realized that blogging is a very time consuming hobby!
But I will fit this in as I want to get this done now and not leave it any longer..
I want to make regular posts, because I am really enjoying blogging and look forward to making new posts.

So last minute last week I was craving a holiday, and if there is a fact you need to know about me it's that I love travel and exploring new places. I kid you not, I dream about going away almost every single night! But I don't have all the money in the world, so my holidays are limited to trips within Australia.
I would love to go overseas, and have been thinking about going to new zealand lately, but I don't know when that will happen.
Any kind of adventure is exciting for me so it really doesn't matter if it's in the same state, as long as theres things to do, I like the place or have never been there before i'll be there.
There are so many places in Australia that I've never heard of or been to, and there are so many that I've discovered that I will visit over and over again.
There are thousands of holidays out there that don't cost my whole bank balance and I am very thankful for that haha!
I have however been to Bright once before, and people visit Bright from all over VIC and NSW, it's a very popular and very beautiful country town.
I know this is a beauty related blog, but I just love travel so this space wouldn't be truly mine if I left it out.

On Saturday 1st of November me and my boyfriend Ryan set off for Bright which is a 4 and a bit hour drive from where we live. It was raining, pretty hard all day but we were still excited !
We stopped at a market along the way and then we continued into bright stopping at the annual Bright Oktoberfest. (the highlight for my boyfriend Ryan)
Pitty it was bucketing down rain!
We heard there was going to be a grand fireworks display that night at 9pm too, so we decided to go to that... annnd it was amazing!
 I've never seen fireworks before either so that was a good first time!

We did however get a change of weather the following days of the weekend which was great.
Day 2 we visited the Wandiligong Maze and Mini golf park which was a lot of fun.
This is Australias biggest hedge maze, and to Ryan's surprise
I found the way out of the maze and beat him at mini golf which he wasn't too happy about lol.
We spent the rest of the day at Oktoberfest out in the sunshine this time just relaxing while we had our Subway lunch.
We walked around town and came across a new cinema that had just opened so we agreed to go check it out! It's probably the most unique cinema I've ever seen!
We had a look inside and it turns out is a gold class style setup with couches and today was their opening day with a $10 ticket special, so we booked our session for 9pm to see what we do in the shadows, a comedy film which we loved !



Day three wasn't as well planned out and we weren't sure what to do with our day.
We had breakfast and headed out to another market in town, which took an hour or two, but then we weren't sure where to go from there. We visited the Alpine information centre and narrowed everything down to a restaurant called Red Stag where you can feed baby goats, ostriches and stags!  That was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it there, and recommend it to anyone visiting bright or surrounding suburbs!
We had lunch outside on a balcony which had incredible views of the mountains and countryside.
I've got a few photos to show you, but the photos don't do the real thing justice!




So yeah there you go, the last day wasn't that exciting, just the long drive back to reality haha!
I know I've rambled a bit in this post, I tried to keep it to the point, :)

Thanks for reading .


Emily. xo


  1. Wow Ems, sounds like you had a good weekend there in bright that sure is a nice place, I remember being there years ago, long before you were even thought of LOL, but yeah did you have somewhere to stay while there or just a motel? Hugs Dee

    1. Yes I had a great time!
      You've been to Bright before?
      Was it for a holiday or just passing through?
      We stayed at the Bright Chalet which was everything we needed for a good price!

    2. Yes I have been to Bright before, I visited some people I knew there,I don't know if they are still there or not anymore,I used to get around, loved driving as much as I could, Although I have never been out of Australia since after we got here

    3. Oh nice, did you have to go a long way to get there too?
      Oh did you like driving did you? :)
      Aw really, do you wish you could go out of the country again?

  2. yes it was a bit of a drive but I didn't mind, I love driving still today but now its a bit different, and yes I would love to go to Europe but I can't see that on the horizon right now LOL nevermind there is always a full stop somewhere LOL hope you are having a great day

    1. Oh that's good. I enjoy driving too.
      Yeah I understand... I want to travel more than anything. I'm so lucky to have been where I have though <3!
      I hope you're having a good day too! xx