Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I'm going to university!

Nothing beauty related I know... and I know I'm kinda talking to myself here but ahwell, this blog can be a sort of diary too... haha but I thought I'd let whoever is interested know that I am going to university! :)
I have applied and have received an offer for university to do an Arts degree and I'm pretty excited! 
If you've read one of my early posts, you'd know I am not exactly sure about what I want to do anymore and I am quite confused as many 20 something's are at this stage in their life!
But I'm sure one day life will reveal it's purpose to me and I'll realize why I had to go through such a confusing time...
I start in march, and haha, turns out my boyfriend got into the same university, so we can go together!
Anyway, sorry this wasn't the best longest post in the world but I thought I'd let it be known.
Emily. x


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