Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Summer holiday checklist

I love to travel soooo much! I dream of travelling the world, but unfortunately I don't have enough $$$ and I can't travel as much as I'd love to,
however I am extremely lucky to have been where I have, so I'm grateful for that. I am still happy with seeing Australia for now and I'm sure one day I will see the world again... but in the meantime
if I am going away for a weekend or a trip to another state in summertime, this is what I'd take...

I'm actually in Paynesville (gippsland victoria) with my boyfriend and his family at the moment! And I thought I'd share some things that were on my packing checklist! 

Ps. Went to Raymond island yesterday and saw like 20 Koalas sleeping in the trees! 
(I'll insert a photo here when I get back) 

I try and take a small amount of makeup with me while travelling.
I usually take way more than I usually ever need, and I'm not going to show you everything I would take, just some essentials which I believe everyone needs for a summer holiday!

Summer holiday checklist
Model Co Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50+
SunFX Summer's Secret Gradual Tan
Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Shadow & Liner

ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50+
A facial sunscreen is an essential every day throughout the year, but especially important in the summer months. A good sunscreen with a high SPF is great. The Daily Face Sunscreen from ModelCo is great protection for your day at the beach and also provides a sheer coverage if you're wanting to go natural for the day.

SunFX Summer's Secret Gradual Tan
I like to think that gradual tan is good to have all year round, but that's up to personal preference.
I am not a big user of gradual tan, but I think if you're going for that sunkissed summer tan, for the beach, I think gradual tanning before you leave is a great way to look like you've been laying on the beach all day without the damaging effects of the sun!

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder
This smells like Pina Coladas / Coconuts! Smells so nice,
and perfect for bronzing up your face after you've developed that glowy tan!

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
This highlighter is amazing, I use this all the time and I'd be lost without it. It highlights beautifully and doesn't require much product to go a long way.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Shadow & Liner
This eye shadow palette is great for travel if you want to have a few simple colours for the day time to create a natural look, or you can build them up to create a smoky eye of some kind and go out with it! I think this palette is great for a relaxed holiday... If you're going out clubbing you can make use of the black too.

What do you take in your travel bag? 

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