Friday, 16 January 2015

Lush BIG hair!


I have always lacked volume in my hair ... it is dead straight, won't hold any kind of curl / wave and I've been on the search for products that will give me some of that volume. In my previous wish list post I explained I saw this lush shampoo review on a blog somewhere and I was keen to try it!
So long story short... I bought it a while ago and I love it :)
At first I didn't think it did anything for my hair, and didn't really feel / see much of a difference, but I can definitely say that there is!
It's called the Lush BIG Sea Salt Liquid Shampoo, and it smells amazing.
It says on the tub ... Sea salt shampoo to give your hair lift and volume, make it easy to get a comb through and smell great for hours. Have a big hair day.
This is like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze.
.... and that's pretty much the best description of what it feels like after a wash with this stuff.
Light and full of volume!

             Before                                                                                  After 


From the photos I really can't see much of a difference, BUT. there is quite a big difference in the feel of my hair if you get what I mean. Obviously it's not going to have a drastic effect but I think with this shampoo, some hair spray and your extra hair care routine, this will definitely help you get bigger hair :)!

This stuff lasts ages, you only need one scoop and that's enough to leave your hair clean enough as if you'd done a double cleanse with a regular shampoo!
Make sure you use a hair dryer to get the full effect and volume.
 I've let it dry naturally and it just doesn't look as 'BIG' in comparison.
I love the feel of this shampoo when I work it through my hair.
The sea salt makes it feel like you're giving it a nice scrub.
It is a quite expensive shampoo at
$26.95 AUD a tub, but I swear this stuff lasts a lifetime!!
I definitely recommend this shampoo if you have limp hair lacking in the volume department:)
  Emily . x


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