Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Day spas: one of my secret places ♥

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!
I went to Paynesville Victoria with my boyfriend and his family which was so pretty!
We went to Raymond Island, and saw Koalas sleeping in the trees, and they were soooo cute.
ended up watching the fireworks on the beach!
(look for photos in my last post)

Today, I'm writing about my love of day spas, so enjoy.
I have wanted to write about my day spa visits for a while now so here it is.
I absolutely love day spas, and as you might know, I'm a qualified beauty therapist so I've been to spas around Australia / Middle east and the UK, all of them breathtakingly beautiful, and ever since I have absolutely fallen in love with them. Unfortunately, yes they are a huge luxury for me and expensive, so I pay my visits wisely and do what I can afford to.
 I often find myself dreaming about a body wrap and a relaxing massage because these treatments are just heavenly in my opinion.
 If you've never been to a day spa, you really need to give it a try, it's just soo good! :D
As I said, I can't visit often so I try and plan these spa days when I am feeling stressed or I'm sore lol.
I wish I could get them more often, I really do, but I'd just spend too much money.
I'd go completely overboard!
A spa I frequent is in the beautiful Yarra Valley.
Natskin Day Spa Retreat at Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort
The surrounding views here are stunning, and I always find myself relaxing as I admire them on the car journey down there.
The spa offers a range of beauty and spa treatments, and is just a truly beautiful,


Waiting / Relaxation room
This room makes the whole experience all that much better.
While you wait for your therapist, you are offered a tea or water to relax in this room before and after your treatment.
There's always a beautiful scented candle burning and spa music in the background.
Oh and the couches are so comfy!♥




The massage sandals I received before my treatment.
And the heated floors of the changing rooms. ♥


I am almost certain this post has made me crave another trip to the spa. 
Another spa I am interested in visiting is the Endota day spas, I've bought a gift card from one close to me which I will have to visit one day soon, but never actually had a treatment there.

Endota spas are all over Australia and
they also have their own skincare range which looks incredible and that I must try for sure.

What's your favourite spa / spa treatment?

Emily. x


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