Monday, 15 September 2014

Beautiful You Australia | Beauty, health and fitness expo!


Hello beautifuls. Yesterday I went to the Beautiful You Australia, beauty health and fitness expo in Melbourne. My boyfriend's sister got free tickets from work so we went to check it out! On the way in we received a goodie bag which included all this:


Uncle Tobys Honey, Fig & Macadamia Oats ❤
Waxaway wax strip packs
Green People shampoo & conditioner
Skin Doctors gamma hydroxy skin resurfacing cream
The Skin Boutique $50 gift voucher
CoconutRevolution Original Coconut Body Lotion ❤
Dilmah Pure Camomile Flowers Infusion
New Balance LightningDry Singlet ❤

As you can see by the hearts, the Oats were super yummy, I fell in love with the CoconutRevolution body lotion, and the singlet was very inspiring, thanks Beautiful You!

We wondered around the expo and found a truly beautiful brand called Bésame Cosmetics which we were drawn to by all the lovely packaging of their products. Bésame cosmetics is vintage inspired makeup, they even had the same red shade of lipstick that Marilyn Monroe wore once upon a time. Bésame means 'Kiss me' in Spanish.
I had to post a photo to show you how beautiful these products really are...

Bésame Signature Cashmere Compact $42

As you can see, they are soooooo pretty, so if any of you are interested have a look at their website
I didn't buy anything from their stall, but I will be definitely buying some of their lipstick (which is very long wearing - it stained my hand, and took a bit to come off! )

And for something a little bit random.. a lady doing eyebrow threading stuck this on my head.
There are always lots of pushy sales people at beauty expos / places in general, and I find it hard to say no, but you just gotta say no! Anyway I got a pretty indian bindi haha woops.

Another stall which we went to was the Wotnot stall.
Wotnot are an Australian  range of organic and natural facial wipes, sunscreens, and body care products which are suited to sensitive skin with no nasty chemicals. I brought two packs of facial wipes for $10 which is cheap as they are usually around $7 - $8. These wipes are soooo soft, and they don't irritate the skin like many facial wipes do!

One of my favorite brands at the expo was Coconut Revolution, I am kicking myself now that I didn't get any of their Coconut Body Lotion which I got in my sample bag! This stuff smells so good, I don't know how I've lived without it! This brand has a range of skin, body, hair and dietary products all made from coconuts!  I did however pick up a jar of coconut oil. I use this as a body moisturizer and it smells so good :)!

Jennifer Hawkins was at the expo aswell as Rae Morris. Jennifer talked about her spray tan range Jbronze and we watched Rae talk about timeless makeup for anti-aging which wasn't really suited to us but we watched anyway :)! We did however visit her stall to talk to her, and we bought her book which she signed for us haha yaaaaay!  she's so nice !

Here's the book I bought:

Really excited to try everything in this book as I am always stuck for eye makeup looks!
Anyway, thanks for reading whoever is out there reading this and watch out for some more blog posts and YouTube videos coming soon!
Hope you all have a good day! :)

Emily . xx

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