Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August favourites :)!

Hey guys, whoever is watching my YouTube videos, I hope you enjoyed my latest video which was my August favourites! :) This is my first blog post! Just felt like writing today, don't have a specific topic so I thought I'd talk about my August favorites video!

Yoga was my first favorite, and I showed a variety of different DVD's I've got from the library and thrift shops. It is quite fun, but I think I need a few more, the ones I have are getting a little repetitive so yeaaaaaaaaah, and I find that doing Yoga in the morning isn't suiting me aswell as maybe doing it at night I am getting really hungry and I can't eat before I do it which is a wee bit of a struggle so I might move it to night time instead.

Not exactly sure how the order of my favourites went but I also mentioned I got a bright blue bag from Kate Hill with a birthday gift card I received which was lovely. This color was very risky for me haha, I usually go for black but I couldn't go past the blue.

Another favourite was my the little notebook I write all my positive quotes on. I was reading this blog a while ago and saw that this girl was doing the same thing and then leaving them in public places and it made her really happy according to her sooooo, I thought I'd do that too cause it sounds like a lovely thing to do, it really does! :) The last favourite is my Green & Blacks dark chocolate, which is available at coles and woolies in Australia.

Thanks for reading guys, check out my YouTube.
See you all soon !  x

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